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Mini Mesh Grating for Walkway, Stairs, Marine Decking

FRP mini mesh grating is a special molded fiberglass grating. It has cross bars at the top of the grating, which forms smaller holes at the top of the grating. With this special design, it could protect small sized items from dropping through the holes. The same manufacturing process with fiberglass grating, FRP mini mesh grating's uniform construction provides excellent bi-directional mechanical properties and shows excellent performance in the commercial and marine industries. Mini-mesh molded grating is perfect for applications that require less light or water to pass through.

There is one piece of yellow mini mesh grating, which has concave surface.
FMMG-01: FRP mini mesh grating with concave surface has excellent anti-slip property, and the colour of yellow is popularly used.
It shows one part of the dark green mini mesh grating with grit surface.
FMMG-02: Dark green mini mesh grating with grit surface for the most anti-slip resistance.
It shows one mini mesh fiberglass grating in black, it has grit surface.
FMMG-03: With excellent anti-slip property, the black mini mesh fiberglass grating is perfect for special applications.
This is one part of mini mesh grating in gray, with grit surface.
FMMG-04: Gray is one of the most common colour for mini mesh grating.
This is one gray mini grating with concave surface.
FMMG-05: Gray mini mesh grating with concave surface.
It shows the bottom side of one mini mesh fiberglass grating.
FMMG-06: Mini mesh fiberglass grating with smaller gratings at the top and larger gratings at the bottom.
It show one piece of green mini mesh fiberglass grating.
FMMG-07: Green mini mesh fiberglass grating with concave surface.
It shows one piece of micro mesh grating in gray.
FMMG-08: Micro mesh fiberglass grating with concave surface has heel proof version which is particularly suitable for applications in the civil sector.
It shows the top and bottom profiles of one blue mini mesh grating with gritted surface.
FMMG-09: FRP mini mesh grating in blue.
This is one piece of mini mesh grating in translucent green.
FMMG-10: Mini mesh grating in translucent green.


FRP mini mesh grating not only has all characteristics of molded fiberglass grating, but also with some special features:

  • It offers unobstructed airflow.
  • Small openings to prevent objects from falling through.
  • Easy flooring for wheeled trolley, wheelchairs, shoe heels, prams.
  • Perfect replacement for traditional deck materials in marine environments.
  • It can be installed with wood, steel or other kinds of materials.


  • Material: polyester resin matrix.
  • Type: mini mesh, micro mesh.
  • Surface types: FRP/GRP mini mesh grating shares the same surface types with other molded gratings.
    • Concave/Meniscus surface.
    • Grit surface (coarse, medium or fine).
    • Smooth surface.
  • Colour: yellow, green, orange, blue, black, gray.
  • Dimensions:
    Mini mesh grating specification
    Product code Mesh size (mm) Thickness (mm) Open rate (%) Panel size (mm)
    Top Bottom
    MMG-01 19 × 19 38 × 38 25, 30, 38, 40, 50 30 1220 × 3660
    1220 × 2440
    915 × 3050
    1220 × 4000
    1268 × 4007
    1530 × 4047
    MMG-02 20 × 20 40 × 40 14, 22, 25, 30, 38, 40 42 1247 × 4047
    1007 × 3007
    1527 × 4047
    MMG-03 25 × 25 50 × 50 30, 40, 50 56 1530 × 4020
    MMG-04 26 × 26 52 × 52 30, 38, 40, 50 60 1530 × 4000
    1532 × 4050
    1150 × 4011
    Mini mesh grating is an ADA compliant mesh size.
    Micro mesh grating specification
    Product code Mesh size (mm) Thickness (mm) Open rate (%) Panel size (mm)
    Top Bottom
    MMG-05 12.7 × 12.7 38 × 38 30 30 1220 × 3660
    1220 × 2440
    915 × 3050
    MMG-06 13 × 13 40 × 40 25, 30, 38 30 1247 × 4047
    1007 × 3007
    1007 × 4047
    1527 × 4047
    1530 × 4050


FRP mini mesh grating has a wide variety of applications with its excellent corrosion resistance property. It is specially designed for those applications where solid flooring is not permitted due to airflow requirements, but the openings must be small enough to prevent small items falling through.

  • Walkways.
  • Boat docks & marinas.
  • Mooring pontoons.
  • Trench covers.
  • Bridges.
  • Gangways and ramps.
  • Breakwaters.
The picture shows that in a park, the passage is fabricated with mini mesh fiberglass grating.
FMMG-11: Mini mesh is greatly suitable for the application as passage in park, as it has an anti-slip coating and can bear heavy load.
It shows that one stair tread is fabricated with micro mesh gratings.
FMMG-12: Micro mesh fiberglass gratings applied as stair treads prevent small things falling through.
The picture shows that above the sea, there is marine decking fabricated with mini mesh fiberglass grating.
FMMG-13: Mini mesh grating is widely used as marine decking.
It shows that one wheelchair ramp fabricated with gray mini mesh FRP grating.
FMMG-14: FRP mini mesh grating can be used as wheelchair ramp.

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