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FRP Step Cover for Improving Stairway Safety

FRP stair tread covers are a convenient way to provide solid, slip resistant footing for existing wood, concrete or metal stairs. They are easy to install and suitable for DIY installations. With various dimensions, these FRP step covers provide a low maintenance option ideal for marine, industrial and commercial applications.

It is one yellow stair tread cover with gritted surface.
FSTC-01: FRP stair tread cover with tough grit surface to reduce slipping.
This is one stair tread cover with the colour of yellow and black, it has gritted surface.
FSTC-02: Stair tread covers with highly visible yellow nosing for industrial applications.
This is one piece of molded FRP grating, and one black stair tread cover works as the nosing of the grating.
FSTC-03: One black stair tread cover installed onto the gratings to provide optimum toughness.
The picture shows three FRP step covers on the metal plate.
FSTC-04: We offer different colours of FRP step covers, which can be fixed onto the metal stairs.


  • It provides secure footing on wet & oily surfaces.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent chemical & UV resistance.
  • Low conductivity.
  • Light weight.
  • Pre-drilled service for simple installation.
  • Highly durable.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Surface: gritted.
  • Colour: yellow, yellow and black, light gray.
  • Resin: premium polyester.
  • Standard length: 12'.
  • Width: 8", 9", 10", 11", 12".
  • Standard thickness: 1/8", 1/4".


These anti-slip stair nosing are ideal for marine, industrial and commercial applications.

It shows that several yellow stair tread covers are installed on the existing metal stairs.
FSTC-05: Stair tread cover with gritted surface can be installed onto the metal stairs for slip resistance.
There are yellow and black stair tread covers installed on the concrete stairs and one man is stepping on it.
FSTC-06: Stair tread cover installed on existing concrete stairs offer safety footing for pedestrians.

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