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FRP Stair Treads - Economical Slip Resistant Solution

FRP stair treads offer a complete safety steps solution to harsh environments where lots of stairs are needed. Fiberglass grating stair treads can be made with either molded fiberglass grating or pultruded fiberglass grating in standard or custom-made panels. They have all excellent characteristics of FRP gratings - wear resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and high strength, which will outlast wood and metal stairs.

FRP stair treads are always added a nosing to the leading edge, which gives additional strength and rigidity to the area that takes the most impact and abuse. In addition, the nosing provides more surface area for skid and wear resistance as well as better visibility.

It shows that one yellow stair installed with yellow handrails.
FST-01: FRP stair treads for easy access to the inspection working platform.
This picture shows one part of fiberglass stairs, which has green grids and black gritted nosing.
FST-02: Green fiberglass stairs with black gritted nosing.
The picture shows three pieces of FRP mini mesh stair treads in yellow and gray.
FST-03: Mini mesh stair treads in yellow and gray.
It shows that several stair treads are installed in curved stairs with yellow handrails.
FST-04: FRP stair treads are an economical choice as safe footing for indoor or outdoor stairs.
It shows two pieces of yellow fiberglass stair treads, with square meshes and heavy reinforced nosing.
FST-05: Yellow fiberglass stair treads has highly visible colour and excellent anti-slip property.
This is one green fiberglass stair tread, with black reinforced nosing.
FST-06: FRP stair treads are high in strength and have good anti-slip property in wet conditions and industrial applications.
Several FRP stair treads in dark green stack together.
FST-07: You cut your own stair treads from the integrated one-piece grating.
It shows that one stair installed with different styles of gratings, molded and pultruded in yellow, green, red.
FST-08: One stair case with different styles of stair treads.
It shows one part of pultruded fiberglass grating stair treads.
FST-09: Pultruded FRP stair treads are suitable for applications where wider load span are needed.
The FRP stair treads are installed with the wood structure, which forms the whole stair system.
FST-10: FRP stair treads can be installed onto the wood structure.


  • Slip resistance.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Low electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Easy fabrication.
  • Super durability.

Molded stair tread for easy field fabrication and installation

It offers the same advantages that come with molded grating. Available in both square and rectangular mesh with 1.5" or 2" thickness, standard colours are yellow, green and dark gray. Rectangular mesh stair tread has uniquely designed cutting channels spaced every six inches, leaving a solid bar on each side of the cut.

    This is one diagram of molded FRP grating with square mesh.
    FST-11: Molded fiberglass grating: length and width should be determined by customers.
  • Grid pattern: 1.5" × 1.5".
  • Square mesh stair tread panel (length × width): 10' × 22.5", 12' × 27.6", 12' × 12".
  • It shows one panel diagram for molded fiberglass grating with rectangular mesh.
    FST-12: Molded fiberglass grating with rectangular mesh has standard length of 12', you can cut your own stair tread from the panel.
  • Mesh: 1.5" × 6", 1" × 6".
  • Panel size (length × width): 12' × 22-1/2", 12' × 24".

Cut your own stair tread from the panel.

Pultruded stair tread for areas where need wider support spans

It offers the same level of safety, strength and corrosion resistance that comes standard with pultruded grating. Superior in strength, designed for applications where wider support spans are required. All pultruded stair treads come with gritted, non-slip resistance.

It shows one pultruded stair tread panel diagram, with the two parameters shown, length and width.
FST-13: Pultruded stair tread standard length is 12'.
  • Colour: yellow, gray, brown.
  • Surface: gritted.
  • Thickness: 1", 1.5" for I-bar treads, 2" for T-bar treads.
  • Width: 11" for I-bar treads, 12" for T-bar treads.
  • Length: 12'.

Custom-fabricated sizes are available upon request.

It shows that the yellow FRP stairs links two platforms in wastwater treatment plant.
FST-14: FRP stair treads provide long lasting performance over a wide range of aggressive and corrosive environment.
There are black FRP stair treads and platform above water.
FST-15: FRP stair treads are ideal for applications where corrosive environment exits.


The anti-slip fiberglass stair treads are safety product essential for operators of industrial, marine and mining facilities. They are also vital where fire and emergency escape purposes are needed. FRP stair treads can be used for staircases of any type including concrete, wood or metal.

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