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Molded FRP Grating for Platforms, Walkways, Flooring

Molded fiberglass grating combines fiberglass rovings with thermosetting resin system to form a solid, one-piece molded panel. It is available in square and rectangular mesh with smooth surface, or standard concave and optional grit top surfaces. Molded fiberglass grating offers superior tensile strength, corrosion resistance, light weight and extended life. It also provides a cost effective solution and long lasting performance for many industrial and recreational applications.

There are six pieces of fiberglass molded gratings on the ground, and they concentrate all types of gratings.
MFG-01: We offer molded fiberglass gratings with square mesh or rectangular mesh, available in smooth, concave, grit surfaces and covered type.
There are two pieces of round molded FRP gratings with same sizes on the ground.
MFG-02: Round molded fiberglass gratings are also available and custom size is made upon request.
It shows one molded fiberglass grating with rectangular mesh, it has translucent green colour.
MFG-03: No colour pigments are added in the production of translucent FRP gratings.
One piece of molded fiberglass grating in blue.
MFG-04: Custom fabricated product - molded FRP grating in blue.

Key features of molded fiberglass grating

  • Good corrosion resistance
    Molded fiberglass grating is manufactured with continuous fiberglass strands wetted thoroughly with premium grade thermosetting resin system, which ensures excellent corrosion resistance.
  • High strength to weight ratio
    Molded FRP grating weighs much less than metallic grating, but it has great tensile strength as the continuous fiberglass strand alternating layers and ultimate one-piece construction distributes loads to bi-directional bars.
  • Non-conductive electrically and thermally
    Molded grating, ideally designed for electrically hazardous locations, has inherent properties that reduce the risk of electrical shock being an insulator between conductive materials.
  • Slip resistance
    The built-in concave surface and grit surface provide excellent slip resistance and offer adequate protection for most applications.
  • Easy installation & fabrication
    Molded fiberglass grating weighs about one fourth that of traditional metal grating, which makes installation and fabrication easy.
  • Cost effectiveness
    FRP grating allows for easy on-site cutting, minimizing cost and waste. In addition, its inherent ultraviolet resistance feature and corrosion resistance property make it a maintenance free option to metallic grating.
  • Long service life
    Our molded fiberglass grating are all made to meet the highest international standards. The coated resin surface increases resistance to chemical corrosion and continuous UV exposure, which prolongs its service life.

Surface options

  • Concave/Meniscus surface
    It has a shape of a natural crescent moon which provides superior slip resistant footing in most environments including wet or oily conditions. It is the standard surface for molded fiberglass grating.
  • Flat surface
    Flat surface is suitable for building fences around electrical plants, in sunshade system or as a space divider.
  • Gritted surface
    The gritted surface could be applied to panels for enhanced safety. It is impregnated into the mold, which does not flake off and offers the best anti-skid surface.
  • Closed surface
    With this kind of surface, you can have a gritted plate or checkered plate at the anti-skid surface. It is ideally used to prevent liquid leakages and gas volatilization.

Resin system

Made from premium grade resins, the two standard resin systems are:

  • Polyester
  • Vinyl ester

Both of them provide superior and reliable performance in corrosive environments.


  • Standard colours: yellow, dark gray, light gray, green, red.
  • Common panel sizes: 3' × 10', 4' × 8', 4' × 12', 5' × 10'.
  • Common thickness: 0.5", 1", 1.5", 2".
Specification - molded fiberglass grating
Mesh type Thickness Mesh size Panel size
Square mesh 1/2" 1-1/2" × 1-1/2" 4" × 12"
1" 1-1/2" × 1-1/2" 3' × 10'
4' × 8'
4' × 12'
1" 3/4" × 3/4" 4' × 12'
1-1/2" 1-1/2" × 1-1/2" 3' × 10'
4' × 8'
4' × 12'
5' × 10'
2" 2" × 2" 3' × 10'
4' × 12'
Rectangular mesh 1" 1" × 4" 3' × 10'
4' × 12'
1-1/2" 1" × 6" 3' × 10'
4' × 8'
4' × 12'
5' × 10'
Other meshes and panel sizes are available upon request.
There are five pieces of molded FRP gratings on the table, and they differentiate with each other in colours and sizes.
MFG-05: There are two kinds of meshes: square and rectangular.
It shows that one cage which is fabricated with yellow fiberglass grating.
MFG-06: Custom made product - fiberglass grating cage.
The picture shows that several pieces of molded FRP gratings are connected by clips around one tree.
MFG-07: Molded fiberglass grating serves for municipal infrastructures as it has more advantages over steel gratings.
It shows in one carwash, many workers are washing the car, and the molded FRP grating is blue and matches the car size.
MFG-08: Molded fiberglass gratings are very popular for carwash flooring system, and the colour could be blue, yellow or other attractive ones.
There are four pieces of molded fiberglass gratings that form a fence to protect the facility which should be separated from outside.
MFG-09: Molded FRP grating plays a role in protecting electrical facility outdoors.
The picture shows that in a sewage disposal plant, there are yellow fiberglass grating walkways above the sewage.
MFG-10: Molded FRP grating could be used as maintenance walkway in sewage disposal plant.
It shows green molded fiberglass gratings installed in the railway system.
MFG-11: Molded fiberglass grating for the railway industry.
There is one molded fiberglass grating eave with light green colour outside the room.
MFG-12: The molded fiberglass grating eave serves as sunshade and fall prevention system.
There is one auto tyre pressed on the yellow molded FRP grating trench cover.
MFG-13: Molded FRP grating trench cover is one popular choice for some narrow space instead of steel grating.
It shows the stairs indoors, and the treads are made of molded fiberglass grating in yellow and dark green.
MFG-14: GRP grating is widely used as stairs tread for its high tensile strength and good ventilation.
It show that in a pigeon house, several pigeons are standing on the yellow molded fiberglass gratings.
MFG-15: Fiberglass molded grating works as pigeon house flooring.
It shows that several green molded GRP grating are installed around the tubes for large facility.
MFG-16: Molded fiberglass grating can be cut into any shape or size to fit the trenches outside the facilities.
It shows that several pieces of molded FRP grating in red and gray are placed above the trench.
MFG-17: Molded fiberglass grating in red and gray can be used as trench covers for easy inspection.
It shows that inside the cooling tower, there is FRP grating flooring installed with handrails.
MFG-18: FRP gratings can work as operator platform in the cooling tower.
It shows many pieces of green FRP gratings that work as wall of a building.
MFG-19: Green FRP gratings applied in architectural industry.
It shows that one yellow fiberglass grating fence is installed to protect the facility inside.
MFG-20: Molded fiberglass grating applied in industry area.


Molded fiberglass grating has applications, including floors & walkways, stairs, access platforms, trench covers in markets of water and waste water treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage, transportation facility, marine and constructions, etc.

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